derek campbell moving adviceAlmost a year ago, I moved to the New York City, across the Atlantic from south-east London. Everything in my previous house was packed and shipped to the new place too. Just after 13 months, I am getting ready to move back, and that too with all the belongings.

Moving is an exhausting experience, both mentally and physically. But since my father was a military officer and got posted to different areas regularly, I have been moving to new places throughout my youth. Therefore, I have become used to it now. I have encountered the moving experience about 127 times in my life and have become an expert at it now!!!

It is a great deal moving to a new place, unpacking things, managing home, networking with people, adjusting to the new neighbourhood and finding places to go for homeware and furniture shopping. But all this does not happen in the blink of an eye and finding the house empty with the cardboard packages stacked in the house can make anyone homesick.

If you too are having difficulties adjusting to your new house or are planning to pack and unpack cardboard boxes, then I understand your dilemma as I have been through it too. But here is a guide which will suggest ways to make your new place comfortable and feel more like a home.